Loyal Roll Winder customer will benefit from new development


Wider version of the Roll Winder will make it possible for Rodolfo Arellano Bonilla and Rodolfo Arellano Camacho, from Reciclados y Servicios del Noreste, to reap the full benefit from their investment in a wider extruder.

Various customers have wished for a wider Roll Winder, among them Rodolfo Arellano Bonilla and Rodolfo Arellano Camacho, from Mexico. Father and son, they are owners of the company Reciclados y Servicios del Noreste, whose production is made of 100% recycled film.

They are thrilled about the new RW 3200, which can wind up to 3200 mm (126 in) wide film, nonwoven, or similar webs (read more about the new development here). The wider RW will allow them to make their production more efficient.

“This development perfectly suits one of our projects”, says Rodolfo Arellano Camacho. “We are planning to invest in a new extruder that can produce wider tubular film than the ones we have now. With the wider RW, we can place 2 winders after the extruder and produce in 2 lanes”, he explains.

“We will get maximum benefit of the expensive extruder and increase our production output of wide rolls significantly”, adds Rodolfo Arellano Bonilla.

They will be able to produce 2-lane V-folded film in small rolls for the agriculture and construction sectors. Reciclados y Servicios del Noreste has 1 RW-line in its factory and has already bought 2 more lines:

“We are very pleased with the performance of our RW-line. It is very reliable and suits in-line production very well. We look forward to having the new RW lines in our factory soon”, concludes Rodolfo Arellano Camacho.

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