Number one equipment for production of bags or industrial film on roll

Roll-o-Matic develops production lines that are built to last. No machine leaves Danish soil until it has been thoroughly tested and documented by our skilled engineers.

We have been doing this for more than 50 years, during which time Roll-o-Matic has been at the forefront, supplying several thousands of production lines to the film and bag industry for consumer, agricultural, construction and industrial applications, to name a few.

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Roll-o-Matic will help you find the right solution. Choose one of the bag or roll types below and you will be directed to the equipment that matches your requirement.

Bottom sealed




Garbage sacks, folded




Draw Tape


Table covers & Drop cloths

Industrial film

Industrial film, folded

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Plastic products on roll

Roll-o-Matic was one of the first companies in the world to develop machinery for the production of recycled plastic bags, and our solutions are specially suitable for the sealing of bio-based, biodegradable and recycled film. 

We help our customers to produce more sustainably. 

Roll-o-Matic grows with your needs and your business. How can we help you?

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Special Products

Besides equipment for production of the most conventional bag types, we also have machines for production of special products, such as dog waste bags and gloves on roll. Feel free to contact one of our experts for more information.  

    Prevent loss-making

    Guidance, business understanding, peace of mind and service are cornerstones of a collaboration with Roll-o-Matic. Our high-performance SMARTsolution are efficient, versatile and durable, and can prevent loss-making production stoppages.

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    “Roll-o-Matic has been instrumental in the growth of Silvex from the purchase of our first machine, in 1974, to the most recent sophisticated equipment. The machines are very reliable. We have machines still running at full speed after 16 years. No one else can do that.”
    Ernani Magalhães
    Founder and chairman of the board of directors
    Silvex, Portugal
    “We have been dealing with Roll-o-Matic for over 20 years, using their excellent machines. It is not just the new state of the art winding equipment, but their after sales service is second to none. With Roll-o-Matic’s help we have become one of Europe’s largest plastic recycling companies and I can’t recommend them, as a company, enough.”
    Doug Mercer
    Managing Director
    Frank Mercer & Sons, United Kingdom
    "Working with Roll-o-Matic has definitely given us a boost in the production field of PE bags and other PE products. Roll-o-Matic has constantly improved their machines year after year. Their service team are a good group of very cheerful Danes that are prepared to go the extra mile for you, so this is quite a comfort. Overall, Roll-o-Matic’s machines are very good and will generate good revenue for your company at the end of the day".
    Lloyd Lidbeck
    Business Development / Owner
    NPA PLAST, Sweden
    "We chose Roll-o-Matic because we wanted to run in-line with a higher degree of automation, and we have been very satisfied with the results."
    Greg McNeely
    President & COO
    McNeely Plastics of Sigma Plastics Group, USA
    "It is very important to us that the production lines are easy to operate, and we also want to have a high degree of automation. We have purchased several Roll-o-Matic Delta lines in the past and are very pleased with their performance, quality and service. Based on our positive experience, we are confident in Roll-o-Matic for future purchases."
    Gerry Maldoff
    Hymopack, Canada
    "We chose a Roll-o-Matic line because of the high production speed and the flexibility of the modular concept, which facilitates machine customization both now and in the future. Besides, Roll-o-Matic has a reliable Customer Care service and both sales and technical staff are very cooperative and do their best to achieve customer satisfaction."
    Walled Al Osaimi
    Rema Factory for Plastic Products, Saudi Arabia