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Roll-o-Matic regularly releases videos to help our customers. Learn more in our recorded webinars, get a presentation of our versatile solutions or see our company presentation.

Company Presentation

HMW750: Poly bags wound with the open end first

HRW – High-speed Roll Winder

Webinar Draw Tape line

Webinar Draw Tape line

Online Exhibition May 2021

Online Exhibition 2021 – Spanish

Online Exhibition 2021 – English

Online Exhibition 2021 – Arabic

Webinar Apron Line

Roll-o-Matic’s Online Exhibition Best moments

Roll-o-Matic’s Online Exhibition Behind the scenes

Webinar Roll Winder

Presentation Roll-bag Solutions

Presentation Winders

Delta S: Standard bags

Delta max: Garbage bags

Delta DT: Draw Tape bags

Delta DT: Draw Tape bags Interleaved

Delta DT: Draw Tape bags with with Roll Carton Packer

Delta W: Wave-top bags

Delta T: T-shirt bags

Delta ST: Star-sealed T-shirt

Omega 1250: Fruit & Veggie bags

Omega 900: Fruit & Veggie bags

Compact: Garbage bags

W 500 – Winder

HSW – High Speed Winder

HSW 550 – High Speed Winder

IHW – Interleaved High-speed Winder

HMW – High-speed Multilane Winder

RW – Roll Winder

FW – Flat sheet Winder

2-lane Apron Line

1-lane Apron Line

Drop cloths on rolls

Table covers on rolls

Roll Carton Packer

Packing into boxes – from winding spindles

Packing into boxes – from conveyor

HMW with 3 m wide double C-fold

Delta T with reinforcement strip