HRW High-speed Roll Winder

HRW is a high-speed roll winder for winding of flat single-layer, tubular or folded industrial film or similar web applications.

The HRW can operate for both in-line and out-of-line production and is designed to meet customers’ request for narrow footprint. It is designed for thin and medium film applications and can make up to 16 roll changes/min, which makes it the optimal solution for high-speed winding of small diameter rolls.

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Max. film speed 220 m/min (720 ft/min)

Max. roll changes 16/min

Types of products for this solution
Technical Data

Film thickness From 5 μm
to 4 x 100 μm
Min. winding width 600 mm
23.3 in
Max. winding width 1200 mm
47.2 in
Max. film speed 220 m/min
720 ft/min
Max. roll changes 16/min
Max. roll diameter 220 mm
8.7 in
Cores With cores
Paper core diameterFrom 38 mm
1.5 in
Number of lanes1
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Technical Drawing
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“Roll-o-Matic has been instrumental in the growth of Silvex from the purchase of our first machine, in 1974, to the most recent sophisticated equipment. The machines are very reliable. We have machines still running at full speed after 16 years. No one else can do that.”
Ernani Magalhães
Founder and chairman of the board of directors
Silvex, Portugal
“We have been dealing with Roll-o-Matic for over 20 years, using their excellent machines. It is not just the new state of the art winding equipment, but their after sales service is second to none. With Roll-o-Matic’s help we have become one of Europe’s largest plastic recycling companies and I can’t recommend them, as a company, enough.”
Doug Mercer
Managing Director
Frank Mercer & Sons, United Kingdom
"Working with Roll-o-Matic has definitely given us a boost in the production field of PE bags and other PE products. Roll-o-Matic has constantly improved their machines year after year. Their service team are a good group of very cheerful Danes that are prepared to go the extra mile for you, so this is quite a comfort. Overall, Roll-o-Matic’s machines are very good and will generate good revenue for your company at the end of the day".
Lloyd Lidbeck
Business Development / Owner
"We chose Roll-o-Matic because we wanted to run in-line with a higher degree of automation, and we have been very satisfied with the results."
Greg McNeely
President & COO
McNeely Plastics of Sigma Plastics Group, USA
"It is very important to us that the production lines are easy to operate, and we also want to have a high degree of automation. We have purchased several Roll-o-Matic Delta lines in the past and are very pleased with their performance, quality and service. Based on our positive experience, we are confident in Roll-o-Matic for future purchases."
Gerry Maldoff
Hymopack, Canada
"We chose a Roll-o-Matic line because of the high production speed and the flexibility of the modular concept, which facilitates machine customization both now and in the future. Besides, Roll-o-Matic has a reliable Customer Care service and both sales and technical staff are very cooperative and do their best to achieve customer satisfaction."
Walled Al Osaimi
Rema Factory for Plastic Products, Saudi Arabia