Revolutionize your dog waste bag production


Discover how you can produce up to 80 rolls dog waste bags per minute with exceptional sealing quality. 

We are excited to introduce a production line specifically designed for efficient production of dog waste bags in 4 lanes. This solution operates with exceptional precision and reliability, making it a game-changer in the industry.

Unmatched efficiency and production speed

The Delta line allows 4-lane production of dog waste bags. It is possible to make up to 20 roll changes per lane, so you can produce up to 80 rolls per minute, which is a new standard for efficiency in the market. Whether you’re looking to increase output or streamline operations, the Delta S line is equipped to meet your demands.

Superior sealing quality

One of the standout features of the Delta line is its excellent sealing quality. It is compatible with different thickness and types of film, including HDPE, LDPE/LLDPE, bio, or recycled films. This versatility ensures that no matter your material preference, the Delta line will deliver consistently strong and secure seals, guaranteeing the integrity of each bag.

Precision and waste reduction

The Delta line is designed with precision engineering to ensure accurate bag dimensions and skirt lengths. This meticulous attention to detail not only guarantees product consistency but also significantly reduces film waste. By optimizing material usage, the Delta line helps you achieve both cost efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Compact rolls

Our production line creates tight, small rolls that fit perfectly in a variety of bag dispensers. This compact design maximizes convenience for end-users, making our dog waste bags the preferred choice for pet owners.

Coreless rolls: economic and eco-friendly

The coreless roll design is a significant advancement in the production of dog waste bags. By eliminating the need for a central core, we not only reduce material costs but also contribute to environmental sustainability. Coreless rolls are lighter, more compact, and easier to handle, making them an ideal choice for modern consumers who prioritize eco-friendly products.

The Roll-o-Matic Delta line is prepared to transform the production of dog waste bags with its high-speed operation, superior sealing quality, and precise manufacturing capabilities. By choosing the Delta line, you are investing in a solution that assures efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Join the revolution in dog waste bag production and experience the unmatched benefits of Roll-o-Matic’s Delta line.


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