HRW: High degree of automation and safety for production of industrial film


Small footprint, user-friendliness and high degree of automation and safety are just some of the advantages of Roll‑o‑Matic’s High-speed Roll Winder

Looking for a high-speed winder that is safe, versatile, and efficient? Look no further than our updated HRW Winder!

The HRW allows winding of industrial film, nonwoven and similar webs, and is perfect for applications such as vapor barriers, damp proof membranes and insulation foil.

You can produce on cores without the need for pre-gluing. The HRW can make up to 16 roll changes per minute.

Here’s why the HRW is the top choice for your production needs:

  • Fully automatic core loading and cut over: Say goodbye to manual core loading hassles! Our HRW Winder streamlines the process with automatic core loading and cut over, saving you time and effort, and increasing operator safety.
  • High degree of safety: Safety is paramount, and the HRW prioritizes it with features like a safety light curtain, that stops the machine if the operator comes too close to moving parts. Additional security accessories are available to meet regulatory requirements and ensure peace of mind.
  • Customizable knife/tear-off systems: Tailor your winding process to your exact specifications. The HRW can be equipped with different knives and tear-off systems to suit your materials and production requirements.
  • In-line or out-of-line flexibility: Whether you prefer in-line or out-of-line production, the HRW has you covered. Enjoy the flexibility to adapt to your preferred workflow without sacrificing performance.
  • Options for finished roll closure: The finished rolls can be closed with gummed paper or self-adhesive labels according to your preferences.

Se below a video of the HRW:


Experience the efficiency, reliability, and convenience of the enhanced HRW Winder. Contact us today!

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