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We congratulate Silvex for 50 years of success

Our valued customer from Portugal has celebrated its 50 years anniversary in 2018. And what better time to look back at a story of pioneering, innovation and renewal? We are proud of being a part of Silvex’s path for the last 44 years.

Silvex and Roll-o-Matic have a lot in common: both companies have celebrated their 50-year anniversary with a consolidated leading position in the market. And both companies have reached that leading position through continuous development and innovation.

Silvex was established in Portugal in 1968 as a producer of labelling machines. In 1972, Silvex introduced production of foil for packaging of food, and in 1974, when they started production of garbage bags on rolls, Silvex bought their first Roll-o-Matic line. That was the beginning of a fruitful partnership that has resulted in the purchase of more than 40 machines so far.

“Roll-o-Matic has been instrumental in the growth of Silvex from the purchase of our first machine, which allowed us to be one of the first companies in the world to sell garbage bags on roll back in the 70’s, to the most recent sophisticated equipment”, says Mr. Ernani Magalhães, Silvex’s founder and chairman of the board of directors.

Over the years, Silvex has introduced new products, moved to bigger facilities, expanded, started exporting and won prices, always with Roll-o-Matic following them closely, ready to support Silvex’s development. Every time Silvex decided to introduce a new product, or when a new order required an expansion in capacity, Roll-o-Matic has shown its commitment to provide the right equipment.

“Throughout these years we have developed a close relationship and collaboration in developing new rolled products such as draw tape bags, wave top bags, t-shirt bags and distinct folding systems.

I would like to add that this relationship is across the company, from sales to the technical department (mechanics and engineers) and the after sales service. To all, past and present professionals a heartfelt acknowledge and a big Thank You!”, Mr. Magalhães adds.

Silvex has been able to work their way around times of crisis, seeing opportunities in adversities, always creating new solutions. With respect for their customers, their employees and the environment. Silvex is strongly engaged in its local community and employs 15 people with disabilities. Mr. Ernani Magalhães, who founded Silvex with his father in 1968, knows each one of the 254 employees. When he walks around the factory, he often stops to talk to the employees, not only about their work, but also about how they and their family are doing.

The production area is extremely organised and effective. Some of the machines bought in the 80’ies are still in production, side by side with newer lines. Four new lines are being constructed at Roll-o-Matic’s plant. We are building them with the same care and thoroughness as always, knowing that in a few months they will be in Silvex’s production halls, manufacturing products that make a lot of people’s lives easier. This is Silvex’s commitment to their customers, and we are proud of being a part of their story.

“Over these 50 years Roll-o-Matic has contributed to the growth of Silvex and we are certainly going to carry on inventing the future together!”, concludes Mr. Magalhães.

Congratulations, Silvex. We wish you many years of success to come.




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