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Svend Lysebjerg – part of Roll-o-Matic’s history

The creator of the Delta sealing concept is ready to hand over Roll-o-Matic After Sales and enjoy more time with his family

The story of Svend Lysebjerg and that of Roll-o-Matic approached each other in the early 80’ies, when he got a job at Asea, a business partner to the Thrige-Titan group. (You can read more about the Thrige-Titan group in the bottom of the page).

When he later switched to a job at a division of the Thrige-Titan group called TT Plastic Machinery, which Roll-o-Matic was part of, the two stories would blend. In 1989 he became Design Manager, and was responsible for the electrical construction of the machines. At that time Roll-o-Matic’s main product was the Combi.

Although the Combi was a reliable piece of equipment, Svend had an idea that it would be possible to have a sealing with even higher quality if the sealing bars followed the film for some time instead of just touching it shortly. He started a project that would turn his idea into reality – a development project that took some years and required close cooperation with some of Roll-o-Matic’s providers, among others Hano Elektronik, where Tom Kallehauge worked as project engineer.

In 1993 the project achieved success – and the sealing principle of the future Delta was created. It was a development that confirmed Roll-o-Matic as leading company in its field. The Delta is to this day Roll-o-Matic’s flagship, and many of the machines produced back in the late 90’ies are still in production.

The TT group faced a period with difficulties, and various divisions were sold. In 1994 Roll-o-Matic became an independent company, and Svend Lysebjerg became one of the managing partners. He was responsible for the electrical construction of the machines as well as the service department the first 10 years. In 2004 the two functions were separated, and he became After Sales manager.

In the last 10 years Svend has been the mainstay of Roll-o-Matic After Sales. He believes credibility, as well as personal contact, are the pillars to a good relationship with the customers:

“I have travelled a lot and visited many of our customers. I think it is important that we know each other. And it is important that they have confidence that they will get what they need when they come to us. We are more than just a provider of spare parts.”

And there is no doubt that both the customers and Roll-o-Matic’s staff feel confidence in Svend’s knowledge and capability. But the time is come when he is ready to hand over the responsibility for Roll-o-Matic After Sales and enjoy some more time with his family:

“I am very proud of having developed the Delta sealing concept. It is still something that differentiates us from our competitors. And I am proud of having managed a prosperous business for the last many years. But I am happy to stop now, while I still can have some good years with my wife and sons.”


Did you know? – About the TT Group

Thrige was founded by the Danish machine technician Thomas B. Thrige in 1894, after he came back from some years in the USA, where he worked at Thomas Edison’s lab and General Electrics. The company started with a production of bicycles, but latter focused in the production of electric motors, which were in demand at the time, and became one of Denmark’s most important companies. In 1930 Thrige employed more than 1500 people in Odense. In 1965 Thrige merged to a competitor from Copenhagen, Titan, and formed the Thrige-Titan group. The TT group, as it was known, had several divisions, among them TT Plastic Machinery, which Roll-o-Matic, Falcon and Sumas were part of. 



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