For production of bottom sealed and star sealed bags on rolls in 1 lane.

The Compact is mainly targeted at medium capacities. It is the perfect choice for in-line applications, where the extruder is the bottleneck, and for shorter length refuse and produce bags. 

The Compact is a low invetment solution and the right choice for your production of roll bags, where space and personnel are limited. 

Compact maxTM

The Compact max is an excellent choice for medium and heavy gauge films where extra high outputs are required. 

The Compact max has a sealing section with more than twice the sealing time than that of the Compact, which means even better performance with heavier gauge films. 

  • Max. speed 120 m/min (394 ft/min)
  • Max. cycles/min 330
  • Max. sealing width 860 mm (33.9 in)
  • Min. bag length 360 mm (14.2 in)
  • Max. bag length 1500 mm (59.0 in)
End Products
Types of bags for this solution
Bottom sealed
Technical data
CompactCompact max
Min. film thickness10 microns10 microns
Max. total sealing thickness 400 microns400 microns
Max. speed 120 m/min
394 ft/min
120 m/min
394 ft/min
Max. cycles330/min200/min
Min. bag length360 mm
14,2 in
600 mm
23,6 in
Max. bag length1500 mm
59 in
1500 mm
59 in
Max. sealing width860 mm
33,9 in
860 mm
33,9 in
Number of lanes11
Technical drawing

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