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SE Blue Equity invests in Roll-o-Matic

After a period of positive development and marked expansion, Roll-o-Matic decides to team up with a new investor, SE Blue Equity

Due to Roll-o-Matic’s positive development and marked expansion in the past few years, we have managed to attract a new investor with the target to grow the company further based on a long term strategy. We have therefore decided to team up with SE Blue Equity, creating a joint ownership between Roll-o-Matic’s managing partners and SE Blue Equity.

SE Blue Equity is a private equity fund that invests in clean tech companies with a potential for growth and an international profile. SE Blue Equity contributes capital, expertise and network in close partnership with management to develop and realise value creation. SE Blue Equity’s investors are some of the largest companies in Denmark, e.g. Danfoss, PFA pension and SE, a major Danish utility company.

High expectations from both sides of the partnership

SE Blue Equity has high expectations for the future of Roll-o-Matic. Customers are increasingly demanding highly efficient machines that ensure a profitable local production as opposed to importing bags from low cost countries. Furthermore, increasing focus on more efficient use of materials and bio and recycled film are setting higher standards for the applied technology.

"Roll-o-Matic has proven that a smaller company with a strong management team and skilled employees can be a global market leader. It is a strong, profitable company that proofs that by being smart and innovative, it is possible to both maintain industrial production in Denmark and assist in optimising material usage and environmental improvements globally. We look forward to supporting the company in its continued global expansion and further development of its strong product platform", says Christian Møller, managing partner, SE Blue Equity.

Likewise, Roll-o-Matic management is looking forward to accelerate the development of the company under a new ownership:

"Roll-o-Matic has in recent years devoted considerable resources to develop a strong product platform and expand geographically. The change of ownership provides the opportunity to accelerate this trend and increase our sales efforts. We welcome the platform for further development which SE Blue Equity provides, and we are eager to bring the company to the next level through joint efforts", says Birger Sørensen, CEO.

About SE Blue Equity

SE Blue Equity invests in smaller and medium-sized companies profiting from the transition towards more energy and environmentally efficient solutions. SE Blue Equity contributes capital, expertise and network in close partnership with management to develop and realise value creation.

SE Blue Equity’s investors are PFA Pension, SE, Danfoss, Lind Invest and management team.

PFA Pension

PFA Pension is the largest commercial pension company and one of the largest financial institutions in Denmark. In 2012, PFA Pension had total pension assets of EUR 50 billion. Every year, PFA receives pension payments totalling approx. EUR 3 billion.


SE is one of the largest utility companies in Denmark. In 2012, SE achieved net sales of EUR 0.4 billion, total assets of EUR 1.7 billion, and equity of EUR 1.2 billion.


Danfoss is a global leader focused on energy-efficient solutions that save energy and costs, and reduce CO2 emissions. The company’s wide range of products and services are used in areas such as cooling food, air conditioning, heating buildings, controlling electric motors and powering mobile machinery. Danfoss employs 23,000 people and has sales companies in 47 countries. In 2012, Danfoss achieved net sales of EUR 4.6 billion and EBIT of EUR 0.5 billion.

Lind Invest

Lind Invest is the owner of Danske Commodities. Danske Commodities is an independent, international trader of energy-related commodities. In 2012, Danske Commodities achieved net sales of EUR 1.3 billion and were active in 31 countries.



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