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Roll-o-Matic introduces further developments for the Delta Draw Tape line

Working closely with key customers, Roll-o-Matic has further developed the Delta Draw Tape line to meet the market’s requests. It is now possible to place the draw tape hem inside or outside the bag in the same line


There has been increasing interest for Roll-o-Matic’s Draw Tape line in the last few years, and many customers have already benefited from the unique features offered by the Delta DT, such as: 

  • Unique sealing system for the longitude seal of the draw tape hem, which offers a very high quality seal with very low power consumption;
  • Very fast servo driven  winder, which can perform 32 roll changes per minute without tape and 26 roll changes per minute with tape;
  • Special features for in-line production, such as the sliding out of the draw tape inserter for easy threading of the draw tape while the film is running through the module;
  • And the unique Delta sealing system, which offers very high capacity: up to 460 cycles per minute.

Now we are ready to introduce a new feature that was developed in close cooperation with some of our key customers.  We have developed a new system for insertion of the draw tape, which makes it possible to change between interior and exterior draw tape hem in the same machine (patent pending). It is done in a special device so that it will avoid air getting trapped in between the two layers of film no matter if the draw tape hem is placed inside or outside the bag. 

In this way Roll-o-Matic’s current and future customers do not have to worry whether their customers prefer the draw tape hem to be placed inside or outside the bag. And it takes less than 15 minutes to switch between the two possibilities.  

The new system has been well received among our long term customers, and has given us one more competitive advantage in relation to other machine producers.

You can see a Delta Draw Tape line in production at Roll-o-Matic’s new facilities in the following video: Delta DT. If you need further information, please feel free to contact us. 



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