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RW Roll Winder 

The RW series is designed especially for medium and heavy gauge film, nonwoven and similar. The RW winder can be set up in-line with an extruder or out-of-line with an unwinder.

Web cut is done in stop position, which means that the web will be cut at a right angle to the edge of the web with a clear cut, even on heavy gauge application. 

Winding on cores or coreless. The cores require no tape or similar pre-gluing. 

  • Max. film speed 120 m/min (395 feet/min)
  • Max. roll changes 4/min
Technical data
RW 1600RW 2000RW 2200
Film thicknessFrom 10 micronsFrom 10 micronsFrom 10 microns
to 4 x 300 micronsto 4 x 300 micronsto 4 x 300 microns
(single or multilayer)(single or multilayer)(single or multilayer)
Min. winding width600 mm (23,6 in)800 mm (31,5 in)1000 mm (39,4 in)
Max. winding width1600 mm (63,0 in)2000 mm (78,7 in)2200 mm (86,6 in)
Max. roll diameter300 mm (11,8 in)300 mm (11,8 in)500 mm (19,6 in)
Max. film speed120 m/min (395 ft/min)120 m/min (395 ft/min)120 m/min (395 ft/min)
Max. roll changes4/min4/min4/min
Technical drawing

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