Omega 1250

The Omega 1250 is perfect for high-capacity production of bags with thin gauge film, e.g. bags for fruits and vegetables or can liners.

It is possible to run in up to 6 lanes, with production speed up to 220 m/min. This solution includes Roll-o-Matic’s fully automated multilane winder. The maximum sealing width is 1250 mm.

The Omega 1250 can be delivered in 4 different versions, depending on the requirements for bag length and production cycles. It is possible to start with a dedicated version and upgrade it according to your production demands.

  • Max. speed 220 m/min (720 ft/min)
  • Max. sealing width 1250 mm (49,2 in)
  • Film thickness from 5 microns
  • Up to 6 lanes
End Products
Types of bags for this solution
Bottom-sealed, lay flat
Bottom-sealed, gusseted
Technical data
Omega 1250/6Omega 1250/8Omega Plus 1250/6Omega Plus 1250/8
Min. film thickness5 microns5 microns5 microns5 microns
Max. cycles/min/lane700700880880
Max. sealing width1250 mm (49,1 in)1250 mm (49,1 in)1250 mm (49,1 in)1250 mm (49,1 in)
Min. bag length250 mm (9,7 in)250 mm (9,7 in)250 mm (9,7 in)250 mm (9,7 in)
Max. bag length400 mm (15,6 in)2400 mm (94,6 in)400 mm (15,6 in)2400 mm (94,6 in)
Max. speed220 m/min (720 ft/min)220 m/min (720 ft/min)220 m/min (720 ft/min)220 m/min (720 ft/min)
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