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Next Generation Roll Winder and new tape equipment

Roll-o-Matic’s RW 1600 and RW 2000 have been updated, so you can reduce downtime when changing production types and sizes. The new tape equipment is also more flexible and easier to adjust.

Many of our Roll Winder customers produce in-line with an extruder, which makes it even more important to avoid production downtime. For this reason, we are always developing the equipment further to make sure you can change the product sizes and types as fast and smoothly as possible.

The winding section has been updated, so the adjustments in width are done precisely via a motorized system from the control panel. In the same way, the adjustment of the paper cores is done from the panel. This means that you can easily adjust the winder when changing the width of the rolls.

The RW is now equipped with a servo motor, which makes it possible to have a wider range of production speeds. So, depending on the thickness and quality of the material you want to wind, it is possible to run from very low speed up to 120 m/min.

A new taping system has been developed. It tapes the finished roll close to both roll ends and can easily be moved to adapt to different film widths. It can handle roll diameters from 40 mm to 300 mm. The width of the tape can range from 25 to 50 mm. Large tape rolls up to 300 mm diameter can be used, which means you can produce for a longer period without changing the tape roll. Furthermore, the taping unit can safely slide out in the operator zone for loading of a new roll of tape while the machine is running.   

On our YouTube channel it is possible to see a video of the Roll Winder and the new tape equipment

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