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SE Blue Equity invests in Roll-o-Matic

After a period of positive development and marked expansion, Roll-o-Matic decides to team up with a new investor, SE Blue Equity

The Delta goes wider

The Delta 1100 sealing and perforation module makes it possible to extend the assortment of bags that can be produced in 2 lanes.

The Delta is now more flexible than ever!

Delta - new look outside, even better inside

The Delta max has been a great success since it was introduced 3 years ago. It was an update of the well-established Delta. Now we have decided to pass the Delta max™’s thoroughly tested updates back to the Delta.

Roll-o-Matic & Peepoople

By making a few adaptations in standard modules Roll-o-Matic has developed two customized modules for sealing and winding special purpose bags

The Delta max‘s success continues with one more module!

Roll-o-Matic has developed a new module for the state-of-the-art concept, Delta max™, for making reinforced gusseted t-shirt garbage bags on roll.

Integrated robot packaging solution now available for your Roll-o-Matic equipment!

Roll-o-Matic has developed a robot packaging solution integrated with our roll-bag equipment in collaboration with some of our key customers. The new solution has been tested successfully and it is now available as a standard solution integrated with our roll-bag equipment.

Website Updates

We are constantly developing and updating our website. 

The videos on our site are regularly updated - and the site is currently available in 5 languages. 

So keep an eye on our site - and follow up with our exciting developments!

Roll-o-Matic has once again developed a machine that responds to our customer's changing needs!

Roll-o-Matic has once again developed a machine that responds to our customer’s changing needs.  

Visit our demo plant at JM Polymers, St-Romain Lachalm, France, and witness the extraordinary Compact max™ in action!

New technology for high capacity manufacture of produce bags on roll

We are pleased to invite our business partners to an open house arrangement at Roll-o-Matic during October 2011. We will demonstrate our new technology for multi-lane high-speed converting equipment for bags on roll specially targeted thin gauge produce bags, fruit and vegetables bags or bin liners.

New Roll-o-Matic website

Roll-o-Matic A/S welcomes you on our new website with all the information you need about roll-bag converting equipment.

Roll-o-Matic’s solution supports new startup

A new customer embarking on bagmaking for the first time has opted for a multi-purpose line configured to maximise versatility. The Delta modular concept is the solution! 

First draw-tape line with fill-safe™ sealing system

This unique sealing system eliminates the notch effect and reduces the risk of tearing the top of the bag when it is lifted.

High capacity production of heavy gauge star sealed T-shirt bags on the new Delta max

Roll-o-Matic introduces the Delta maxTM, designed for high-speed production of bags on heavy gauge film - including bio-bags!

New cost effective bag machine for heavy gauge film – Compact max

Roll-o-Matic introduces the Compact maxTM, which has a excellent performance with heavy gauge film! The Compact maxTM is the perfect choice for medium and heavy gauge films where extra high outputs are required.

Star-Sealed T-shirt Kit

Roll-o-Matic has invented and patented the star-sealed T-shirt kit, specially designed for the Delta. 

By adding this kit you can produce almost all kinds of roll-bags on a standard Delta T-shirt line without any additional modules!  

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