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We congratulate Silvex for 50 years of success

Our valued customer from Portugal, Silvex, has celebrated its 50 years anniversary in 2018. And what better time to look back at a story of pioneering, innovation and renewal? We have followed Silvex’s development since they bought the first roll-bag line, in 1974.

Roll-o-Matic has been instrumental in the growth of Silvex from the purchase of our first machine (…)”, says Mr. Ernani Magalhães, who founded Silvex with his father back in 1968.

Motorized adjustment of dies with extremely high precision

Roll-o-Matic has developed a groundbreaking new motorized system to adjust punch dies with extremely high precision – less than 1 micron! (Patent pending)

The new system extends even more the service life of the punch dies and allows to make die adjustments easier and faster.  

See 2 state-of-the-art roll-bag machines running at NPE 2018

Roll-o-Matic will be present at NPE 2018, to be held in Orlando, Florida, USA, from May 7 to 11.


We will be exhibiting two production lines: An Omega line, which can produce more than 5,000 produce bags per minute, and a Delta line with our 2-lane interleaved winder, for production of all kinds of bags. The bags can be wound conventionally or interleaved.


As usually, our machines present the state-of-the-art technology within roll-bag equipment. Come and see for yourself at booth W8485. We will be pleased to provide you with a free guest pass.

New Omega 1250: produce more than 5000 bags per minute!

The Omega line, for dedicated production of bottom sealed and star-sealed bags with thin gauge film (e.g. bags for fruits and vegetables), has been further developed. It has now a sealing width of 1250 mm. You can run up to 6 lanes, depending on the width of the bag. And the bag length can easily be adjusted.


The Omega 1250 can make up to 880 cycles per minute per lane, which means you can produce the impressive amount of 5.280 bags a minute!

Roll-o-Matic at Plastimagen 2017

Roll-o-Matic was present at Plastimagen, which took place on November 7-10 in Mexico City.

For the first time we had a machine running at the stand. 

We were overwhelmed by the hospitality we were met with and by the positive response to the Omega.

Delta T Plus update: now up to 800 T-shirt bags per minute!

We have further developed the Delta T Plus to meet the market’s demand for even higher speed production of T-shirt bags. The Delta T Plus can now produce with up to 180 m/min in 2 lanes – max. 400 cycles per minute per lane.


This means you can make the impressive amount of 800 T-shirt bags per minute – a production increase higher than 30 % when compared with the standard Delta T line. 

Meet Michael Olsbro, Roll-o-Maticís new After Sales Manager

We are excited to introduce our new After Sales manager, Michael Olsbro.


Michael has 22 years of experience with customer service and support. He used to work for a Danish producer of high technological printing solutions and managed a team of 80 technicians worldwide.


Now he will lead Roll-o-Matic’s After Sales department, and make sure we can keep a close relationship with our customers, regardless of our continuous growth.

Join us for the celebration of Roll-o-Maticís anniversary

We would like to invite you to join us for the celebration of Roll-o-Matic’s 50 years’ anniversary.


The celebrations will take place on June 1, 2017, at Roll-o-Matic’s facilities in Vissenbjerg, Denmark.

Conquering new markets with the Delta line

Family owned company Tay Plast, from Algeria, decided to produce Draw Tape bags for the Algerian market, instead of importing and distributing them.


After careful consideration, they chose a Roll-o-Matic Delta Draw Tape line. Today they supply draw tape bags for the entire Algerian market, and are now starting to export to other markets. 

Roll-o-Matic has released the first 2-lane Interleaved Winder on the market

Roll-o-Matic released its Interleaved High-speed Winder (IHW) at the

K 2016 exhibition. The IHW can wind interleaved and conventional bags in 1 or 2 lanes. Roll-o-Matic’s IHW is the first on the market to produce interleaved bags in 2 lanes.


The interleaved bags are separated from each other after perforation and then wound – each bag overlaps the previous one.

Arab Plast was again a great exhibition!

Roll-o-Matic participated at the Arab Plast exhibition, in Dubai, for the 3rd time in 2017.


This time we exhibited a perforator line, for production of table covers on roll in 2 lanes.


As in the previous exhibitions, the results were even better than we had expected.

Roll-o-Matic has expanded the Delta T-shirt series

The increasing restrictions on the use of PE plastic bags in Europe have raised the interest for equipment that can produce bio and compostable bags, especially T-shirt and star-sealed T-shirt bags on roll.


All Roll-o-Matic’s equipment can be adjusted for production with bio and compostable film, allowing our customers to cope with the new challenges in their markets. Learn more about the 3 latest developments of our T-shirt line.

Roll-o-Matic has a new USA based sales and service engineer

Roll-o-Matic’s activities in North America have been quickly expanding, and we have already opened a spare parts inventory and established a company in the USA – Roll-o-Matic Inc.


Now we have an experienced sales and service engineer settled in the USA, which will allow us to provide our North American customers with first class service and support in a short period of time.

Roll-o-Matic introduces further developments for the Delta Draw Tape line

Working closely with key costumers, we have further developed the Delta Draw Tape line to meet the market’s requests. We have developed a new system for insertion of the draw tape, which makes it possible to place the draw tape hem inside or outside the bag in the same line. And it takes only 15 minutes to make the change.

We welcome our new colleague in the sales team

Roll-o-Matic’s continuous growth has made it necessary to enlarge our sales team.

After a careful hiring process, we have found the right person to join us and assist our customers in the Middle East. 

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