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The Delta goes wider

The Delta 1100 sealing and perforating module makes the Delta more flexible than ever

Since 2010, we have supplied the Delta 1100 (with a maximum sealing width of 1100 mm) for the Delta Draw Tape line. Now we have developed a wider version of other modules (i.e. our highly acknowledged punching and extracting modules), so that it will also be possible to use the wider sealing module in T-shirt bag lines and wave-top bag lines, i.e. for production of wider garbage bags/sacks.

That gives you the possibility to produce bottom-sealed bags, star-sealed bags, wave top bags and T-shirt bags with up to 540 mm width in 2 lanes, with the same high quality of the sealing and perforation that you already know from the Delta 900.

That makes the Delta more flexible than ever - and gives you the chance to increase the capacity by extending the assorment of bags that can be produced in 2 lanes. The Delta 1100 has the same advanced control platform as the Delta 900, and can be equipped with one or two Delta maxTM sealing sections or with one or two standard Delta sealing sections.       




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