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Star-Sealed T-shirt Kit

Roll-o-Matic has invented and patented the STAR-SEALED T-SHIRT KIT, specially designed for the Delta. It is even possible to mount the star-sealed kit on Delta sealing modules already in operation. By adding this kit you can produce star-sealed T-shirt bags, normal T-shirt, sinus/wave top, bottom-sealed and other bags on a standard Delta T-shirt line without any additional modules!

Changing the production set up can be done within a very short time. Moreover, the Roll-o-Matic star-sealed T-shirt kit keeps the costs at a minimum and, compared to other set ups, cost is only a fraction.

Comprehensive tests have been made at our factory and the results show a very stable running solution with line speed up to 160 m/min / 300 cycles / 2 lanes. Another plus with kit is the very short skirt on the bags. The market normally has about twice the skirt length and thereby wasting valuable raw material. This adds further value to the Roll-o-Matic Delta line and is one further step to secure our customers a competitive and flexible production line.

If you are not yet an owner of a Delta - or if you do not have spare capacity on your existing Delta line - a new Delta line including the star sealed T-shirt kit will be a competitive choice and a safe investment for the future. If market demands change, a reconfiguration can be done easily and with very low investment.



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