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Roll-o-Maticís solution supports new startup

A new customer embarking on bagmaking for the first time has opted for a multi-purpose line configured to maximise versatility.  Production flexibility, secure investment and the ability to respond quickly to changes in the market were key requirements; all of these are addressed by the DELTA modular concept.  With a selection of folding systems, a draw-tape module and a punching module, all types of bottom sealed, side sealed, star sealed, wave top and draw tape bags are possible.

Optional features of the draw-tape concept include automatic splicing of the draw tape rolls and the ability of the tape inserter to slide out for ease of access when threading up while the film is running through the module.  As with other DELTA applications, this configuration allows the operator to adjust the distance between seals and print mark registration electronically.

The new DELTA draw-tape line is our most comprehensive converting line so far, demonstrating that Roll-o-Matic has once again succeeded in providing the customer with high-end flexible bag converting equipment with the best price/performance ratio on the market.



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