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Roll-o-Matic has expanded the Delta T-shirt series

To keep updated with new market requests, Roll-o-Matic presents 3 further developments of the Delta T-shirt line


Roll-o-Matic has been the market leader in equipment for production of T-shirt bags on rolls for many years. It is easy to understand why: The unique machine design, developed and refined over many years, allows our customers to produce T-shirt bags with high-speed, optimum quality and minimum waste of material. And Roll-o-Matic’s capacity of further developing the lines ensures that our customers always will be ready to adapt to the constant changes in the market.

The patented* process of making the T-shirt cut-out before the sealing and perforation and removing the cut-out waste after the sealing ensures that the cut-out can be done in a high web tension zone. This enables extremely high quality and precision. This feature eliminates the need for further detection on the cut-outs, allows shorter distance between seals and reduces the use of material.

Additionally, Roll-o-Matic’s unique perforation and sealing principles, as well as the possibility of producing in 2 lanes with independent tension control for each lane, ensure that the Delta line outperforms any competitors in price/performance ratio and in bag quality.

But at Roll-o-Matic we do not rest on our laurels, and the Delta T-shirt line is constantly being developed to adapt to new market requests. In the last few years, we have developed 3 new versions of the Delta T:

Delta T Greenline

The Delta T Greenline has been specially developed for production of T-shirt bags with thin gauge film. The minimum bag length is 420 mm.

The Delta T Greenline reduces the production costs due to reduced energy consumption. It is possible to run with full production speed (160 m/min) with total sealing thickness up to 50 µ. The maximum total thickness with reduced speed is 150 µ.

Delta 900 T Plus

The Delta 900 T Plus was designed for customers that need an even higher production capacity than that of a standard Delta 900 T – the capacity increase is higher than 16%.

With the Delta 900 T Plus it is possible to produce up to 700 bags per minute, with total sealing thickness up to 90 µ. The maximum total thickness with reduced speed is 400 µ.

The minimum bag length is 350 mm.

Delta 1100 T 3-lane

The 3-lane Delta T-shirt line has been developed specially for the European market, where the increasing restrictions on PE lightweight plastic bags have significantly raised the demand for biodegradable and compostable bags.

To enable our customers to adapt to their new market requirements, Roll-o-Matic has developed a 3-lane Delta T-shirt line. As all Roll-o-Matic equipment, the line can be adjusted for production of bags with biodegradable material. With this solution, it is possible to produce up to 900 bags per minute.

So, wherever you are located, and whatever your production demands are, Roll-o-Matic has the best solution for production of T-shirt bags on roll.

*Patent no. EP 1 123 201 B1



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