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Roll-o-Matic & Peepoople

By making a few adaptations in standard modules Roll-o-Matic developed two customized modules for sealing and winding special purpose bags

Peepoople needed a flexible bag-machine producer that could manufacture a high capacity line for producing the special peepoo-bag (read more about the peepoo-bag below). The solution was a line developed in a co-operation among Peepoople, Bicma Hygiene Technologie and Roll-o-Matic.

Roll-o-Matic has contributed to the line with a Delta sealing/perforating module – that meets the requirements of high sealing quality – and with its high expertise in winding technology, since the production of the peepoo- bag requires a very special winding process. The line will be able to produce 500.000 bags a day.

The high production capacity will make it possible to meet some of the challenges caused by the lack of sanitation worldwide, as well as the sanitation crisis caused by natural catastrophes, like earthquakes and tsunamis. “One child dies every 15 seconds, every day, due to unsanitary living conditions and contaminated water”, says Karen Ruiz, CEO at Peepoople. ”The acquisition of our high-speed production equipment has the potential to help us begin to reverse this human tragedy as we strive to achieve our long-term vision”, she concludes.

“We are proud to see our ability to further develop our standard state-of-the-art modules into customized solutions being used successfully to increase life quality for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. It is gratifying to be able to assist the Peepoo-bag project” – says Birger Sørensen, CEO at Roll-o-Matic.     

The Peepoo-bag

The peepoo-bag was created (by the Swedish architect and Professor Anders Wilhelmson) as an immediate and affordable solution to one of the world’s biggest challenges: the fact that 2.6 billion people don’t have a toilet. The lack of proper sanitary conditions brings tremendous consequences both for the environment and for the affected population’s health.

The Peepoo-bag is a single-use, self-sanitizing, fully biodegradable toilet that prevents feces from contaminating the immediate area as well as the surrounding ecosystem, because the 5g of urea it contains inactivates harmful pathogens on the excreta. After use, Peepoo turns into valuable fertilizer.

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