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New technology for high capacity manufacture of produce bags on roll

Roll-o-Matic has developed a sealing system specially designed for lightweight bags. The sealing system ensures a high and very accurate sealing pressure. In this way we can achieve extremely strong and consistent quality sealing on thin film at very high speeds - production speed is 180 m/min!

The machine is an OMEGA S with maximum sealing width of 1250 mm.  250 mm wide bags in up to 5 lanes or 200 mm wide bags in up to 6 lanes are two typical example configurations. The film is slit sealed and wound after perforation and sealing so that film tension is controlled very precisely during sealing, even on multi-lane applications.

Omega S is already in operation both in-line and out-of-line at European and American producers. They have all benefitted from 1) extremely low energy consumption per produced unit, 2) very low maintenance cost, and 3) the most important factor; the unique sealing concept enables film thicknesses to be down gauged without compromising the mechanical properties of the bags. These are great advantages for both you and your customers!

During October 2011 there will be demonstrations of a production line ordered by a major European producer – and you are invited! We would very much like to see you at our HQ in Odense, Denmark, and would be pleased to help you with hotel arrangements etc.

Here on our website you will find more information videos and brochures and for  learning much more about the new drum sealing technology please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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