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New cost effective bag machine for heavy gauge film Compact max

A cost effective bag machine for heavy gauge film, mainly for 1-lane refuse bag production. The machine is based on the same platform as our existing, well-known and well-regarded COMPACT. This new model has a sealing section more than twice the length of our COMPACT, which means that the performance on heavier gauge films is excellent, giving the best price: performance ratio available in today’s market.

With the new COMPACT maxTM it is possible to run at a max production speed – 90 m/min – with gusseted film (4 layers) up to 90 microns. In the new COMPACT maxTM further improvements have been made, taking features from our top-of-the range model DELTA bag machine – features such as a separate tension control system in the welding zone, so that it is possible to have almost zero web-tension in the welding zone. This significantly improves sealing quality, compared to similar machines in the market.

The COMPACT maxTM delivers exactly what its name suggests:

MAX value for money
MAX earnings/profit for our customers
MAX customer satisfaction
MAX efficiency
MAX performance
MAX quality
MAX reliability

With the introduction of the COMPACT maxTM Roll-o-Matic can offer a full program of bag machines targeted at  medium and heavy gauge films for garbage (refuse) bags, produce bags etc. The COMPACT is mainly targeted at medium capacities and will continue to be the perfect choice for inline applications, where the extruder is the bottleneck and for shorter length garbage bags and produce bags.

The COMPACT maxTM is the perfect choice for medium and heavy gauge films where extra high outputs are required.

Both the COMPACT and the COMPACT maxTM  can be equipped with a 2-lane winder (which can also run 1-lane), effectively doubling capacity for narrower bags (bags up to 420 mm sealing width) for a modest extra investment.



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