High capacity production of heavy gauge star sealed T-shirt bags on the new Delta max

At K 2010 we are delighted to introduce our latest developments including the new DELTA maxTM designed for high-speed production of bags on heavy gauge film - including bio-bags!

The DELTA maxTM is based on the same platform as our existing, well-known and well-regarded DELTA.

For a decade the DELTA has proved to be a fantastic solution for in- and out-of-line operation in 2 lanes for all kinds of bags on roll (bottom sealed, star sealed, T-shirt, wave top, star sealed T-shirt, draw-tape etc).  

The DELTA has been regularly upgraded over the years and today still ranks with the most advanced and competitive equipment on the market. With excellent price/performance ratios and representing a very safe investment due to the modular concept, the DELTA makes it possible to match the configuration to present market demands.

When it comes to very high capacities on heavy gauge film and sealing of multilayer film - or special demands beyond the limits of the existing DELTA - we now have the pleasure to introduce the DELTA maxTM based on the same principles as the DELTA but with sealing stations with more than twice the sealing time of the DELTA.

This significantly improves capacity on heavy gauge film and multilayer film, where the sealing capacity is usually the bottleneck, and DELTA maxTM will in this way offer capacities not yet available in today’s market!

The DELTA maxTM will be an excellent solution for star sealed bags on medium and heavy gauge film. This new development will thus reduce production costs for medium and large size star sealed bags and will help to grow the market for medium and large size bio-bags which, due to high demand for sealing capacity, can currently only be produced with relative low speeds.

Last year Roll-o-Matic introduced the Star Sealed T-shirt kit for the DELTA. This gives you the possibility to produce star sealed T-shirt bags in one sealing station and in this way make this bag type in very high quality with minimum skirt length. This patented solution makes it possible to produce star sealed bags at commercial speeds and Roll-o-Matic has since then very successfully introduced this feature to the market.

The introduction of the DELTA maxTM will further contribute to develop the market for star sealed T-shirt bags - especially for the larger size garbage bags: The leak-proof star sealed bottom combined with the T-shirt handles for handling and closing offer consumers significant advantages.

New opportunities by combining DELTA maxTM and DELTA

DELTA maxTM will also offer our customers new opportunities by combining the DELTA sealing modules with the DELTA maxTM sealing station.

Both DELTA maxTM and DELTA can be offered as Simplex (one sealing module) and Duplex (2 sealing modules). With the unique design of DELTA maxTM it is possible to integrate 3 DELTA sealing modules in the DELTA maxTM.

This gives you the possibility to produce very short bags (down to 170 mm between seals) without compromising on speed. So the output for short bags will be higher than any other machine on the market today (up to 900 cycles, 2 lanes).

Even though the DELTA maxTM can offer our customers new possibilities, the DELTA will continue to be the right solution for base demands.



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