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First draw-tape line with fill-safe™ sealing system

Since its introduction, Roll-o-Matic has successfully installed the fill-safe™ sealing system on existing Roll-o-Matic draw tape lines. This unique sealing system eliminates the notch effect and reduces the risk of tearing the top of the bag when it is lifted. The response from customers and retailers has been very positive.

The fill-safe™ system is targeted mainly at HD bags but has also given positive results with LD and biomaterials. Particularly with biomaterials, the new system produces seals with improved evenness and consistency.

We now have pleasure in introducing the first draw-tape module with fill-safe™ integrated into the design. Installing this module as part of a DELTA MAX™ line also improves production capacity and the range of bag sizes available. 

This set-up will give you an extremely competitive draw-tape machine with excellent price/performance ratio, a wide range of bag dimensions (min bag width 325 mm, max bag width unlimited, max bag length 1100mm) and the best bag quality on the market.



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