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Delta - new look outside, even better inside

The Delta now has the same control platform and the same machine frame as the Delta max™. The Delta’s footprint remains the same.

The Delta max™ has been a great success since it was introduced 3 years ago. It was an update of the well-established Delta, with an improved usability, a lot of mechanical detail improvements and a complete new control system. We made sure that all components of the Delta max™ control platform had the latest high quality technology available.

Now we have decided to pass the Delta max™’s thoroughly tested updates back to the Delta. In this way we can assure that whether you buy a Delta or a Delta max™, you get the absolute state-of-the-art equipment in bag-making machinery.

This is the reason why the Delta now shares the control platform and the machine frame with the Delta max™. These changes will make it possible to mix Delta and Delta max sealing sections in the same machine, which makes the Delta/Delta max™ even more flexible and increases the possibilities to build a production line that perfectly meets your necessities.



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