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New Omega 1250: produce more than 5000 bags per minute!

The Omega line has been further developed to meet our customer’s requirements. The sealing section has been widened, so it is now possible to reach a sealing width of up to 1250 mm. You can run up to 6 lanes, depending on the width of the bag. The bag length can easily be adjusted, and ranges from 250 to 2400 mm.

The production speed can reach 220 m/min, and the number of cycles is up to 880 per minute per lane. That means that for the shorter bags it is possible to produce up to 5.280 bags per minute!

The Omega 1250 is perfect for production of bottom sealed or star sealed bags with thin and medium gauge film, e.g. bags for fruits & vegetables and can liners. It can be configured with Roll-o-Matic’s High-speed Multilane Winder or with our 2-lane High-speed Winder.

The Omega can be delivered in 4 different versions, depending on the requirements for bag length and production capacity. It is possible to upgrade your Omega line in the future, in case your production demands increase.

See below a video of the Omega 1250 running. Feel free to contact us if you need further information. 



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