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Motorized adjustment of dies with extremely high precision

Roll-o-Matic has developed a groundbreaking new motorized system to adjust punch dies with extremely high precision – less than 1 micron! (patent pending) This means that you can save even more money and time.

The flexible dies for Roll-o-Matic’s punching module already have a very long service life, are extremely easy to change and have substantial lower operating costs compared to solid dies*. The benefits of Roll-o-Matic’s flexible die concept are now improved even further with the new motorized die adjustment system.

The key advantages of the new system are:

  • Extending service life of the punch dies even further
  • Wear adjustments of the dies made easier and faster
  • Wear adjustments can be automated (preprogrammed)
  • No need for stopping the line for die adjustments
  • No lost production during die adjustment
  • No need for tools for making die adjustments
  • No need for tools for exchanging dies
  • For in-line operation it is possible to exchange dies without stopping the line
  • Full record of adjustments made
  • Predicting service life remaining on a punch die 


Feel free to contact us if you need more information.

* We can also supply solid dies, for customers that prefer this solution. The new motorized adjustment system also works with solid dies.  



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