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Conquering new markets with the Delta line

Tay Plast is a family owned company founded in Algeria in 2012. The company is active in the industrial sector, especially in the manufacturing and distribution of garbage bags throughout Algeria.

Tay Plast met Roll-o-Matic for the first time at the K show in 2013, where they saw the Delta Draw Tape running. At that time, most of the Draw Tape bags on the Algerian market were imported, and the management at Tay Plast had plans to change that.

After the show, they visited different European producers of machines for manufacturing draw tape bags. They evaluated the relation between price and productivity of the machines, and the quality of the bags. And decided to invest in a Delta Draw Tape line:

“We are constantly modernizing our equipment to be able to offer our customers the best possible quality. We chose Roll-o-Matic’s Draw Tape line because it provides us high production capacities and an excellent quality of the finished product.”, says Tay Plast’s General Manager, Noureddine Benabadji.

Today, the draw tape bags for the Algerian market are no longer imported, but produced at the Tay Plast factory in Oran, in the north of Algeria. Tay Plast has become market leader for draw tape bags in their local market, and are now starting to export to other markets, including the demanding European market.

You can see a video of the Delta DT running at the Tay Plast factory below:



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