Delta ST - Star-sealed T-shirt bags

For production of star-sealed T-shirt bags on rolls in 1 or 2 lanes.


The Delta ST configuration is identical to the Delta T for conventional T-shirt bags, but with V-folding equipment for star-sealed bags and the ”star-seal kit” added. The “star-seal kit” is a patented concept to produce star sealed and conventional T-shirt bags on the same machine.

The configuration includes a Delta sealing module, a Punching module for cut-out handles of the star-sealed T-shirt bags and a Extraction module for removal of the cut-out waste.

Star-sealed T-shirt bags are made with one sealing station, enabling you to produce very high quality bags with minimum skirt variation.   

  • Max. speed 160 m/min (530 ft/min)
  • Max.cycles/min 300 (600 bags)
  • Max. sealing width 1100 mm (43.3 in)
  • Min. bag length 500 mm (19.6 in)
  • Max. bag length 10 m
  • Film thickness from 5 micron


End Products
Types of bags for this solution
Star-sealed T-shirt (side view)
Star-sealed T-shirt (bottom)
Bottom-sealed, lay flat
Bottom-sealed, gusseted
Technical data
Delta 900 STDelta 1100 STDelta max 900 STDelta max 1100 ST
Min. film thickness5 microns5 microns5 microns5 microns
Max. speed160 m/min160 m/min160 m/min160 m/min
(530 ft/min)(530 ft/min)(530 ft/min)(530 ft/min)
Max. cycles/min300 (600 bags)300 (600 bags)275 (550 bags)275 (550 bags)
Min. bag length500 mm (19,6 in)500 mm (19,6 in)650 mm (25,5 in)650 mm (25,5 in)
Max. bag length10.000 mm (393,7 in)10.000 mm (393,7 in)10.000 mm (393,7 in)10.000 mm (393,7 in)
Max. sealing width 1 lane900 mm (35,4 in)1100 mm (43,3 in)900 mm (35,4 in)1100 mm (43,3 in)
Max. sealing width 2 lanes2 x 440 mm (17,3 in)2 x 540 mm (21,2 in)2 x 440 mm (17,3 in)2 x 540 mm (21,2 in)
Technical drawing

Product sheet

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